How we help

On this page, we share how your time and money was spent. Take a few minutes to appreciate how we helped our school.

WE sponsored training to help our kids

We were able to secure a very special training opportunity for our Intervention Specialist Sarah Barlow. Sarah will attend online training for the Secret Agent Society program out of Australia. She will then bring that knowledge to our teachers and staff so that all of our students can benefit.

Kids improve their social and emotional skills by becoming secret agents. They are assigned "missions" that are designed to help them with mindfulness, social awareness, and coping with emotional challenges.

The approach is positive, empowering, and exciting!

Secret Agent Society (SAS) Small Group Program is an evidence-based, multimedia program to help children improve their social and emotional resilience.

This breakthrough social skills approach is used with 8 to 12-year-old children with a range of social and emotional challenges.

  • High functioning Autism / Asperger’s
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Anger management difficulties
  • Other general challenges with friendships, team work, conversations or staying calm

we sponsored an exciting assembly

Nationally touring artist, Ruvane will visit Summit Road Elementary on May 7, to offer a glimpse into his unique "live-looping" technique which fuses music with technology.

Based in Reynoldsburg and currently working on his 9th album, Ruvane will also present a mini concert assembly following his classroom workshops.

seeds, soil, & cups for kindergarten

We provided the Kindergarten classes with bean seeds, soil, and cups for their planting project!

Books for the Literacy Club

We ordered 20 copies of “Secrets of American History: The Founding Fathers Were Spies”.

Lynne Kluding found that kids really enjoyed this last year and requested these copies to encourage reading.

Headphones for the 4th Grade

We bought 12 more pairs of headphones for the 4th grade to help with online lessons and mandatory testing.

We provided the Kindergarten classes with bean seeds, soil, and cups for their planting project!

We bought worm farms and ant farms for the second grade!

"We are doing a PBL on habitat interactions of living and non-living things. They will be able to see first hand how ants and worms interact with their habitat and how they contribute to the earth in a positive way. ”

reading resources

Purchased reading binders with a different approach to learning from Remedia

Emergency Headphones

We bought each 1st grade classroom 10 sets of emergency headphones so that classroom learning and ***testing*** are not impacted when headphones wear out or break.

As you can see, the headphones are not pretty, but they are heavy-duty and functional and will help avoid more anxiety on testing days.

lego robotics

We funded the registration of two teams for Lego Robotics!